Interim Pastor

Rev. Dr. Richard Sweeney


Mary Kowalik


Tom Spencer


Choir Director

Blythe Johns

Blythe Johns is the Choir Director at the Elderton Presbyterian Church. An ordained elder in the church, Blythe was born and raised in the Elderton Church. Under her leadership and direction, the choir has developed into a multi-faceted music program. In addition to leading the Chancel Choir with about 30 voices, Blythe also directs much of the work involved in the presentation of the church’s annual Cantata – which she and her daughter Kirsten, were instrumental in developing. She has directed the Children’s Choir and remains a member of the Handbell Choir. Blythe is married to her husband Terry, who also sings in the choir. Her daughter Kirsten is the Choir director at a church in Ebensburg. Her son Nathan and his wife, Jennifer, both teachers, are also in the choir, as is her mother Jean and brother, Tom.

Organist/Music Coordinator

Cassie Clowser

Cassie Clowser is the organist at Elderton Presbyterian Church and also directs the Children’s Choir. She also serves as the Church Music Coordinator, working with all of the program and administrative staff to develop and sustain the music program. This includes the preparation of rehearsal CDs and coordinating our technology ministries. In addition, Cassie is also an accomplished pianist and soloist. She shares these talents regularly during worship as well as during the Cantata.



Sarah Pritt


HandBell Choir Director

Dee Craig

Dee Craig is the Handbell Choir Director. A well known teacher at Elderton elementary School, Dee brings those teaching skills and talents to her work with the Bell Choir. She and her husband John, enjoy traveling, and have taken trips all over the world.


Rosemary Shrout


Butterfly Hill Preschool Director

Jeanne Speer

Jeannie Speer is the Program Director of the Butterfly Hill Preschool. She, along with Betsy Rearick and Vicki Hanna, were responsible for creating the vision of Butterfly Hill and developing it to the program that it has become today. Jeanne coordinates the program at Butterfly Hill and has been there for over 25 years.


Butterfly Hill Preschool Secretary/Treasurer

Martha Dyott

Martha Dyott is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Butterfly Hill Preschool. She is also a teacher. She is responsible for the day to day operations of the school regarding secretarial and financial duties, as well web site management.

Other Butterfly Hill Preschool Staff

Susan Schrecengost

Teaches age 3-5

Monette Adamson

Teaches age 3-5

Valerie Orr

Toddler Time (2 year olds) Head Teacher; also teacher for ages 3-5

Carolyn Warr

Teacher for ages 3-5

Sally Fink

Teacher for ages 3-5

Beth Jones

Teacher for ages 3-5

Substitutes: Hope Smith